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    Address:Economic Development 
    Zone, Anhui Tongcheng


    1、Upon receiving the user notification within 24 hours, the assignment of experienced engineering and technical personnel to the installation of equipment to use the site to participate in equipment installation, commissioning, load testing, and with a test set.

    2、Cargo warranty for one year, since the contract for the inspection of goods as a whole or from the date of 10 months from the date of shipment, the quality of reported period, if any quality problems, our guarantee 1 hour notice given within the scene within 24 hours of repair, replacement of the equipment back to normal function. Is a quality problem at the expense of our responsibility.

    3、With our first deal with the problem, after the principle of differentiated responsibilities, which affect the normal operation of the goods to all problems. If our specified time did not respond to or deal with the problem, as our recognition of quality problems, and bear all the costs resulting therefrom.

    4、Our side is responsible for the training free of charge for users to operation and maintenance personnel, and respond to user technical specifications, other relevant services. In short the whole process we will follow-up service can also provide turnkey projects, provide satisfactory pre-sale, after-sales service. To advance timely, the whole process, life-long services to implement in the product manufacturing, installation, commissioning and overhaul of the entire process. Until the user satisfaction. At least twice each year the user visits on a regular basis, timely feedback. Good after-sales service work.

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