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          Address:Economic Development 
          Zone, Anhui Tongcheng

            Anhui Huayun Machinery Co.,Ltd Located in the historical and cultural city, the hometown of Tongcheng Tongcheng School, Hefei, the capital of the north, south along the river city of Anqing, Hefei-Jiujiang Railway, Shanghai-Chengdu high-speed, convergence and over 206 national highway, traffic is very convenient, is developing a modern new enterprise.
            Huayun company has total assets of more than 3,000 yuan, more than 170
          employees, including engineers and technicians 38 people, covers an
          area of 70,000 square meters. Production of well-equip
          All Rights Reserved: Anhui Huayun Machinery Co.,Ltd   Address: Economic Development Zone, Anhui Tongcheng   Tel:086-0556-6567677   Fax:086-0556-6567629  Website: www.pittbookcenter.com  E-mail:web@ahuayun.com